Eucalyptus ‘Australiana’ Essential Oil 12ml


Botanical Name: Eucalyptus radiata
Country of Origin: Australia

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Soft fragrance Eucalyptus therapeutic essential oil.

Although there are several different types of eucalyptus oils available on the market, Australiana, Eucalyptus radiata essential oil is often preferred as a softer aroma to that of Blue Gum -Eucalyptus globulus. Although the difference is quite subtle, the softer fragrance of the radiata variety is more pleasant for the entire family. The vast genus of Eucalyptus includes almost 700 species, and it continues to expand as unknown species are discovered and catalogued.

Due to its lower cineol content, the essential oil from this species of Eucalyptus doesn’t trigger the cough reflex as easily as E. globulus, making it better suited for inhaling – especially with young children. Eucalyptus Radiata Oil has a action that loosens phlegm and unblocks sinuses gently and effectively.

Eucalyptus Radiata Essential Oil can be used in massage blends for muscular fatigue, stiff joints, general aches and pains, and as a pre or post sports rub. It has a powerful antibacterial, antifungal and anti-infectious action, which makes it extremely useful for defending against all types of infection.

Botanical Information

Belonging to the Myrtaceae family, Eucalyptus radiata is an evergreen tree which grows up to 15 metres (48ft) in height, although occasionally some trees achieve 30 metres (97ft). It is a graceful tree with a weeping habit and a dense, spreading, pendulous crown. Its leaves are glossy and lanceolate (tapering to a point) with a strong aromatic fragrance. The bark is fibrous and grey-brown in colour, with smaller branches that become smoother.

Origins and Folklore

Indigenous Australians used a wide range of natural plant remedies, and these would vary from tribe to tribe according to the indigenous species that were available to them. Wherever any species of eucalyptus grew they were used to heal wounds, cuts and burns, as well as treat various respiratory conditions.

The tree is native to Australia, therefore not surprisingly this country is the main producer of the essential oil which is still widely used in pharmaceutical products as well as aromatherapy. Unlike some other Eucalypts such as E. globulus and E. citriodora, the radiata variety is not cultivated for the large scale production of an essential oil in many other countries, although small-scale production takes place in South Africa and Russia.

How To Use

Use in massage for relief from tired muscular aches. In an oil burner, air freshener, potpourri, massage oil, kitchen and bathroom cleaning, dishwashing liquid. In a bath, foot bath, sauna, vacuum cloth bag, floor washing water, add to clothes washing, bathroom cleaning.

5 to 7 drops per 100ml of carrier oil (Macadamia Oil/Massage Oil is very beneficial to the skin, excellent absorption rate.).

4 to 8 drops in an oil burner, a couple of drops in a diffuser, vaporiser, 5 drops into a bath.

Eucalyptus radiata essential oil has a wide range of useful therapeutic properties very similar to those of E. globulus. It has a powerful antibacterial, antifungal and anti-infectious action, which makes it extremely useful for all types of infection. When vaporised, its decongestant action helps to clear sinusitis, a stuffy nose or relieve chestiness, as well as helping to stop coughs and colds spreading. It also makes a highly effective insect repellent.

In my opinion, Eucalyptus radiata is better suited than globulus for chronic respiratory conditions and viral or bacterial infections, especially with young children. However, it is still advisable to exercise care with very young children due to the cineole content of this essential oil. As with E. globulus, avoid application near an infant’s nostrils due to the risk of spasm of the epiglottis which can be induced by the cooling effect on the respiratory system. To be safe, never use either eucalyptus radiata or globulus essential oils near very young babies.

Used in massage this essential oil is very helpful for conditions such as arthritis, rheumatic conditions and everyday aches and pains due to its anti-inflammatory, stimulating and warming action. Eucalyptus radiata is a top note that blends very well with many other essential oils to provide this type of therapeutic action.

Culinary History
This oil has a culinary history. It is used in marinades, sauces, and breads. It works very well with other herbs and the lemony flavour is more stable in heat. The leaf is used in cooking like bay-leaf, and as an herbal tea ingredient in Australia. Lemon ironbark leaf has a high free radical scavenging ability.

Therapeutic Properties

Analgesic, Anti-bacterial, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-microbial, Anti-rheumatic, Anti-septic, Anti-viral, Decongestant, Expectorant, Mucolytic.

Chemical Family: Monoterpenes, Oxides.

Energetics, Emotions and Chakras

4th Chakra -Unconditional love
5th Chakra – Speaking truth, clarity, energizing, uplifting

For further information on Chakra’s please click here.

Safety and Precautions

Precautions: Do not use for children under the age of 2. Keep out of reach of children, store away from sunlight and below 30°.

Please also see general SAFETY FIRST BLOG for detailed information

Disclaimer: This information is provided purely for informational purposes only, and does not in any way purport to be medical or prescriptive suggestions. Any reference to medicinal or health benefits is not meant to treat or diagnose any problem and is not meant to replace professional medical advice and should not take the place of any prescribed medication that has been prescribed by a physician.



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